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Taking Steps for Men

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Taking Steps for Men will help participants identify and understand those behaviours and thoughts that trigger substance use and begin to examine and question their behaviours as they learn they no longer have to feel stuck, anxious, worried and powerless.

Conducted in a group setting, this contemplative program is intended to provide information about substance use and misuse, its effects and consequences.

This group will invite participants to examine personal substance use, consider options and make choices. It will introduce treatment options and encourage the development of personal strategies.

If further treatment is indicated, individual treatment planning and case management will be provided.


Some Topics Covered

During the 12 sessions individuals will examine:

  • What is low-risk substance use?
  • How much is too much?
  • Drug use Continuum
  • Stages of Change
  • Identifying high risk situations
  • Decisional Matrix and how to use it
  • Effective communications strategies
  • Building balance and structure


Eligibility and Cost

This group is open to men 19 years of age and older. Taking Steps for Men is a group provided free of charge. Participants may not attend the group while under the influence.



Groups occur at Suntrac Wellness & Addiction Treatment Centre, 196 Wentworth Street North, Main Door, Monday & Thursday evenings @ 6:30pm, Wednesday & Friday mornings @ 9:00am.  

The 12 sessions are ongoing and individuals may start at any session and attend as many as they would like.

Our Suntrac location at 196 Wentworth Street North, Main Door , is conveniently located just north of Barton St. on Wentworth across from the Cathy Wever Elementary School. Suntrac is located close to parking and is directly on the Barton St. Bus Route.

Our 325 James Street North location is at the corner of James and Barton.



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Nathan is a 31-year-old father. He lost custody of his son after living with an addiction that slowly tore his family apart. After he kept 'messing up', Nathan’s wife left him and moved to Hamilton with their son. Nathan followed; but so did his addiction.

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