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Addiction Services

Addiction Services offers a variety of programs, both day/evening and residential. 

SUNTRAC offers an all inclusive outpatient Addiction Treatment Program for males over the age of 19. Innovative group sessions are offered with the option of day or evening classes for the duration of 8 weeks in the Core Program.

The outpatient treatment program allows alcohol and drug treatment clients the flexibility to work and accomplish recovery goals while residing in their home setting in the community.

Professionally trained addiction workers equip and support individuals through specialized assessments and treatment plans to identify issues and triggers to prevent relapse.

Clients progress through a series of phases designed to offer a continuum of treatment. These phases include Assessment, Pre-treatment, Core Program and Aftercare.

To learn more about the programs through Suntrac, please click on the link to the right.


Discovery House is a pre-treatment stabilization environment that offers clients the opportunity to regain hope; to be motivated for change and encouraged in seeking recovery.  It is a secured, supported, positive and holistic environment for men seeking a lifestyle change.

A daily schedule encourages routine with structure, established through regular meal times, daily interactive groups and individual counseling/case management sessions.  Clients actively participate in basic life skills and are educated around substance use and relapse prevention.

To learn more about Discovery House, click on the link to the right.


Jamesville Residential Program is a long-term (up to 1 year) program, that assists men that have barriers to accessing other treatment programs/centres.  Our program is geared to men who are stuggling with chronic/acute addictions or concurrent disorders.  Our mandate is to serve marginalized individuals who are struggling with homelessness, spiritual deprivation and addiction.

To learn more about the Jamesville Residential Program, click on the link to the right.



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I’ve been doing this for 16 years, and I’m finally sick of it. I want it to end.”
Nathan is a 31-year-old father. He lost custody of his son after living with an addiction that slowly tore his family apart. After he kept 'messing up', Nathan’s wife left him and moved to Hamilton with their son. Nathan followed; but so did his addiction.

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